Who am I?

elaHello, I am Ela (short for Manuela) Steenvoorden. After coming to Islay regularly for more than 10 years, my family and I have recently moved from the continent to Islay.

I have studied human kinetics and nutrition in Germany and in the Netherlands and for almost 20 years I’ve been working as a personal fitness trainer, nutritionist and health coach. My clients were of every age, health status, had the most versatile goals and wishes. – That is, what makes my line of work so attractive to me. In addition, I have specialized in helping people with certain physical problems (joints, lower back, overweight, recovering from illnesses etc.) in order to reduce their pains/limitations and find their way back to an active lifestyle and positive mind-set.

If you feel like you could need some support, motivation or guidance to become more satisfied with yourself and the way you spend your days, don’t hesitate and give me a ring. I will be pleased to be your partner in getting you (back) on track towards an active,  healthy and happy way of life!