The Holistic Concept

In order to learn making healthy food choices and adopt an active lifestyle you need mental commitment. That is why I am working with all three of the fundamental aspects of health and fitness: Food – Physical Activity – Mind and Spirit

  • Food that really feeds your body and helps you to feel full and energetic instead of hungry and weary. Say goodbye to food -allergies, indigestion etc. and enjoy the positive side-effects of „real“ food.
  • Physical activity will burn fat and build muscle. Your body will shrink and look more toned. Weak and vulnerable joints, ligaments and tendons will grow stronger and function much better.
  • Only a tuned-in mind and spirit will enable you to maximize your potential. Dive into your new healthy and active lifestyle, visualize your goals, believe in your steps towards them, feel how all the small changes lead to a better version of yourself.

In my almost 15 years experience as a Personal Trainer in Germany and the Netherlands, I have worked with countless men and women of all ages, with the most diverse starting situations and goals. Together we succeeded in bringing on dramatic changes to their physical and mental well-being and in their daily lives. I have learned that only a comprehensive, full-scale approach makes sure that neither time nor efforts are wasted but lead to long term results.