Get Fit Classes

get-fit-with-ela“Get Fit” is not just the name of my concept, but is meant as a motivation and support for you. You can join us to either start physical activity from “ground zero” or improve your basic fitness and also spice up your training regime on a more advanced level.

If you want to lose weight, are looking for some more physical activity or struggle with painful muscles or joints, there is certainly a class that matches your situation. If you’re in doubt, please get in touch!


Basic Functional Fitness

When: Wednesdays, 6 to 7pm
Where: Port Charlotte Primary School
Start: 6 session – block (29th August to 3rd October)
Who: During this class we’re doing a whole body workout for beginners, people who would like to re-start physical activity, who carry some extra weight and/or have weak spots (lower back, ankle etc.) or recover from injuries/operations. – No jumping or drills, but low-impact movements – for challenge and fun.

  • Activate & mobilise muscles and joints
  • Build a decent and safe basis for other fitness workouts
  • Strengthen all joints and improve your coordination & balance
  • Recover and revalidate after illness, injury, operation etc. to get fighting fit again

Please register for the 6-week block and bring a water bottle and an exercise mat or towel.

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BACK in Action

When: Mondays, 6.15 – 7.15pm
Where: Gaelic College, Bowmore
Start: Autumn 2018
Who: Recommended for everyone who struggles with recurring pain in the lower back area and/or wants to focus on a stronger, toned mid-section. Suitable for every fitness level.

  • Reduce chronic (lower) back pain
  • Improve symptoms of arthritis or repetitive work (office workers, farmers etc.)
  • Strengthen your core & flatten your belly
  • Stabilise your joints & get a better posture
  • Improve your overall fitness and well-being

For this workout, we will NEED AN EXERCISE BALL. Due to practical reasons I have to ask that every participant brings in his/her own ball (please find more information and a link here:

Please also bring a water bottle and an exercise mat or towel.

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