Nutrition Course on Islay




Learn how to eat (and live your life) not only in order to LOOK GOOD but also to FEEL GOOD: no restrictive diets, no excessive workouts but real food and a realistic strategy for long-term success.

When and where?

7th November to 12th December, Mondays 7.15-8.15pm,
Mactaggart Leisure Centre (Howat Room), Bowmore
(Costs: £ 72 including course material)


Give your New-Year’s Resolution a 2-month headstart!


If you’d like to join, please get in touch & register by e-mail on or phone: 0747 99 43 0 23.

More Details:


The course is laid out for 6 weekly sessions of an 1 hour. Of course, the goal is not to reach the participants’ desired weight within that period but to help getting every participant on their right track to achieve this on the longer term.

We will weigh and measure everyone (in private, voluntarily :-)) during those 6 weeks to keep track of first results.During the meetings I will give an insight in aspects of a healthy lifestyle, strategies to ramp up our metabolism, meal planning/food choices to support weight loss (on the long term but also with “short-term-options”).

We will also deal with the theory on macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein), drinking, micronutrients (vitamins, minerals), superfoods, supplements etc. in order to use them for our very practical purpose (i.e. increase fat burning, improve health and well-being).

Part of our weekly meetings is also a lot of group-work (making choices, estimate nutritional values etc.) and discussions (e.g. about problems/challenges you come across in daily life etc.)

Each participant gets their own file with pages for personal data (goal, weight, measurements etc.), extra information to each topic, recipes and, of course, room for notes, practice, homework etc.